Family Daycare Planning

Tips On Teaching A Child To Ride A Bike

If you work in child care, you’ll be keen to find fun outdoor activities for your little ones to do during the summer months.  Cycling is an extremely popular pastime, and if the child has natural balance and reasonable co-ordination, the art of bike riding can be mastered in as little as half an hour.  […]

Helping your child adjust to sleeping at child care

If your child is a reluctant sleeper it can be worrying to imagine how they might sleep during the day at child care. Here are some hints to help you let your child sleep better at daycare.  Let the carers know of any routines If you always give your a certain cuddle and jiggle before […]

Teaching a second language at childcare

Learning a second language as a small child is much easier than trying to pick up as second language as an adult. Having a second language has proven benefits in increased mental ability and control. With the multicultural influences in Australia, offering a childcare program with second language learning can be an attractive way to draw in new […]

How to Help Your Child Gently Settle into Preschool

Attending preschool is now considered an important part of a child’s preparation for starting school. It introduces them to the routines of a school day, the social nature of schooling, and the independent thinking required of school age children. Many children love preschool from the first day, but many may take a while to adjust […]

Supporting Bilingual Children In Childcare

If your first language is not English, you are no doubt eager for your children to keep speaking your native language fluently. If your child is in childcare, this is a great chance for them to get confident in speaking English before school and get the most of the neural benefits of being bilingual. Here […]

Integrating Speech Therapy Exercises into Day Care Settings

For children with many speech impediments, early intervention can be extremely useful in both resolving speech issues and referring children to speech therapists for intensive treatments. Childcare educators are in an ideal position to observe children’s speech patterns and create activities that can help boost speech clarity and help children build confidence around their speech. […]