Helping your child adjust to sleeping at child care

20 July 2016
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If your child is a reluctant sleeper it can be worrying to imagine how they might sleep during the day at child care. Here are some hints to help you let your child sleep better at daycare. 

Let the carers know of any routines

If you always give your a certain cuddle and jiggle before bed, or always read them the same story, or sing them a song, it can help to let the carers know of these routines so that they can replicate them as much as possible at the centre. They may not be able to give as much attention, or spend as long on the routine, given the demands of other children but following some aspects of the normal bedtime routines can often help the child to settle. 

Bring in items from home

In addition to a favourite teddy or lovey, it can be useful to bring some of the bedding from home so that their mat or cot at child care smells as familiar as possible. Often a pillow case or loose sheet is easy to bring in and can be bought home at the end of the week then laundered and returned for the new week. 

Relax and trust in the child care centre's systems

It's easy to imagine that your child will be challenged sleeping at child care but many children find the established and tested routines of getting children to sleep at child care can help them to get to sleep effectively. Equally being in a room filled with other sleeping children can often make the most reluctant sleeper start to feel relaxed. 

Modify your home routines

If you find that no matter what your child does not seem to sleep as effectively at child care as they do at home it can be useful to move their evening bedtime forward. This can help them to get enough sleep on the days that they are at child care. It is important the children get enough sleep to maintain an even temperament and develop normally. You may find you can use the extra evening hours to catch up on work or chores, so that you can have more time free to spend with your family on the weekends. 

Children usually quickly adjust to sleep at child care centres. Having an open relationship with carers can make this transition easier. Be sure to communicate regularly with them.