5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Your Child to a Family Daycare Centre

16 July 2020
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When it comes to child care, there are many options to choose from, including traditional child care centres, nannies and family day care centres. With family day care, one person is responsible for caring for a small number of kids in the comfort of the caregiver's home. With family day care, the caregiver attends to a small number of kids in their neighbourhood at a time.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose family day care as your child care solution. 

Children Receive Care in a Home Setting

Essentially, family day care centres give kids the feeling that they are home away from home. Quality care providers offer parents the comfort of taking care of their kids in a setting which is similar to what the kids are used to in their home. Because family day care centres are often located within your neighbourhood, children can have fun and learn in a home that is similar to their own. 

Child Provider Ratios Are Quite Small

Licensed family day care providers operate according to the regulations specified in their area of residence. One of these regulations is on the number of kids that one provider can care for. While this number varies based on region, most family day care providers care for about six children or fewer. Many providers choose to have fewer. In other child care centres with larger sizes, the number of children is higher. 

Since the number of children is small and manageable, the caregiver is able to treat the kids as an extension of their own family. This means that they can take 'family' outings, sidewalk strolls and more. Their meals are served family-style in a dining area. 

Family Day Care Providers Are Conveniently Located

When choosing a child care centre for your child, location is key. You want a location that is close and easily accessible from your home. Family day care providers are often within the same neighbourhood as you or at least close by. 

Depending on location and your agreement with them, some family day care providers offer transportation assistance to help out working parents. 

Family Day Care Centres Are Excellent for Infants

Nurseries in day care centres may sometimes feel more like institutions and less like homes for infants. However, in family day care, the caregiver can take care of a child in a nursery easily. A setting with only two infants can be appealing.

Providers and Parents Can Work as a Team

Parents usually get to know the child care provider personally. With this close relationship, the parents and providers develop strong relationships as they team up to raise a child successfully. Issues such as potty training, food choices, behaviour, early education and socialisation can be resolved using mutually beneficial communications. 

An added benefit of family day care is the low turnover. The provider often works with the same children from infancy all the way to kindergarten and beyond if needed. This allows the teamwork to continue, ensuring all the needs of the kids are met.

Family day care has a small group environment that facilitates the formation of strong bonds with adults, aiding in social development and early learning. 

To learn more, contact a child care centre.