Top Tips When Choosing a Childcare Centre

13 April 2021
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Most parents are often in a dilemma of whether to take their children to a childcare centre or provide home-based care. Proponents of home-based care argue that it is cheap and gives the parent more control over what the child learns. Unknown to them, childcare centres have numerous benefits. They equip children with resilience, independence, communication, and socialisation skills. These skills play a pivotal role in your child's development and help prepare them for formal learning. 

Now that you are convinced about the benefits of preschool, read this extract for some tips on choosing a childcare centre for your child. 

Type of Childcare Centre

There are several types of childcare centres to choose from. Conventional childcare centres provide day-long childcare services. However, you could opt for before or after-hours childcare centres if you need your child to attend the childcare in the morning or evening. In a family daycare centre, kids will attend sessions at the caregiver's home. Pre-schools have a structured educational program to prepare kids for formal schooling. However, they will only accept kids of a certain age. 

Childcare Centre Facilities

Visit the childcare centre and access its facilities. It will help you determine whether your child will fit into the facility. For instance, you should check the size of the classrooms vis-à-vis the number of pupils. The classes should have adequate aeration to prevent children from spreading infectious diseases. The facility should have sufficient play areas and equipment. As a rule, its design should be safe for the kids. For instance, it should not have slippery surfaces and steep stairs. Additionally, the washrooms should be child-friendly. 

Teacher Qualifications

Critically examine the qualifications of the educators at the facility. One of your primary concerns would be their experience. Therefore, check their qualifications and interview parents who take their children to the facility to ascertain the teachers' expertise. If your child has a developmental disorder or disability, check whether the educators have the expertise to deal with such conditions. 

Centre Policies

The childcare centre should have friendly policies. For instance, check when and how you should make your payments. Evaluate the centre's security policy. For example, who can pick your child from the facility? What happens if you cannot pick your child from the centre? The centre should have a healthcare policy. For instance, they should compel parents to provide their children's healthcare details. Besides, parents should state where they would want their children admitted if they fall ill at school.