How To Prepare Your Kid For Child Care Centre

14 January 2022
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If you plan to enrol your kid in a child care centre, you should prepare them adequately. You want the transition to be as seamless as possible. You don't want a situation where the kid will feel abandoned or anxious. Luckily, compiled below are some ways to help you prepare your kid for child care. 

Introduce a Routine at Home

Kids will be expected to follow a specific program at the child care centre. Therefore, you need to ensure your kid can follow a certain routine without issues. You can start by setting a simple morning routine at home. Ensure this routine helps your kid to adjust to child care life. You can also adjust when your kid goes to bed and wakes up so that they can adapt to child care life.

Talk about the Child Care with Your Kid

Most parents don't inform their kids about their plan to enrol them in a child care centre. You might assume it's the best strategy, but it isn't. As a parent, you should start a conversation with your kid and tell them the positives of going to a child care centre. Inform your kid that they'll meet other awesome kids. 

During the conversation, address any concerns or questions your kid might have. This way, the kid will be excited and looking forward to joining the child care centre.

Visit the Child Care Centre

It's also good to schedule a visit to the child care facility to familiarise the kid with the new environment. Check out the classroom, play area and facilities together with your kid. This helps the kids familiarise themselves with the space before joining the centre. While at it, get to meet the caregivers and introduce them to your child. You can also allow your kids to explore various areas by themselves.  

Encourage Independence 

If you are used to doing everything for your kid, it's high time you encourage some independence. The child will be expected to do most things by themselves, and you should make it easy for them. 

As such, show them to do simple things such as washing hands, feeding themselves, putting shoes on, using the toilet and other independent skills. Such small things will build their confidence and make life easy for them at the child care centre.

Provide Them with a Comfort Item

No matter how ready a kid feels for a child care centre, they'll feel homesick at some point. As such, you need to give them a comfort item such as a doll or toy from home. Having something familiar will help them cope with the homesick feeling whenever it comes up.

If you do these things, your kid will get used to child care within a short time frame.